The Grahams’ of Cochran County

Actually the first of the Graham Clan to be born in Cochran County, Texas was Bobby.  We called him Bob.  His full name was Robert Louis Graham.  He was born on December 20, 1928.  Our folks were living on the Sessions Place at that time.  Dad had moved the family to Cochran County from New Mexico.  He had gone to New Mexico to settle on a claim.  The New Mexico Government was giving a section of land or so, to settlers who would live on the land and farm it for a period of three years.  How did that work out for him?  Well he did stick it out for three years and nearly lost his wife and a premature daughter in the process.

This gives me an opportunity to digress somewhat.  Bob was actually the 7th child born to Andrew (George Andrew Graham, Sr.) and Bessie Beatrice (Wood) Graham.  These two love birds had met on a college campus.  This was at Thorp Spring, Texas where some people with the Churches of Christ were trying to start a college.  Andrew was a student there and Bessie was an employee of her mother’s boarding house.  The story goes that they first met while she was plucking chickens behind the boarding house and he stop to chat.  This grew into a relationship and when the college closed down, Vernettie Wood, moved her boarding house to Cordell, Oklahoma.  This was the location of a new college startup.

WWI was starting to get hot and Andrew was drafted into the Army.  He and Bessie decided to get married.  This took place in Cordell, Oklahoma in 1917.  He took Bessie to live with his parents who lived in Monroe, Texas (later to be named New Deal).  When Bessie got close to having their first child, he got a furlough from the Army and took his wife back to Cordell to be with her mother during the delivery.  Marguerite Wood Graham was born August 14, 1918.  She was their only child to be born in Oklahoma.

Andrew was about to be shipped overseas to help fight in WWI but Armistice was called November 11, 1918.  After his release from the Army, Andrew took his young family and returned to Monroe to work for his father on the farm.  It was in that area where five more children were born to this union.

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  1. Edna Jane Wood, my father’s great aunt, went to Thorp Springs College, and my parents, Richard Henry Finch and Travis Elizabeth (Donald) Finch went to ACU.

    Edna Jane Wood was the youngest of the eight Wood children (Dr. Gary Wood, Ella Wood Teddlie, Holly Wood, Delma Wood Caruth, Gertrude Wood Johnson, another son ??? who died of diabetes a few years after he married, Ailene Wood Finch (my grandmother) and Edna Jane Wood.

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