The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 7

How do you plug a watermelon?  Or should I ask, “why do you plug a watermelon?  You can in this day and age look this up on Google or some other search engine and you will get several different answers.  It seems that people no days are plugging them to pour their favorite alcoholic beverage into the hole they just created.  In 1933, my bother Bob and me and watched our Dad plug a water melon just before lunch one day.  He liked what he saw and took me and Bob back to the house with this melon and we enjoyed it with our lunch.

Several days after this incident, Bob found a discarded knife.  Only about 1/4 of the blade remained.  The other 3/4 of the blade was nowhere to be found.  He suggested that we go out to the garden and plug some watermelons.  He was age 4 at the time and I was 18 months younger.  He took this newfound toy and we went to the garden.  He started to plug the watermelons but with such a short blade he barely got down to the meat of the matter.  I asked him to let me try but he said I was too young and besides I might hurt myself.  We must have enjoyed watching Bob plug (as best he could) about half of the 20 or so remaining watermelons in the garden before we got bored and went back to the house.

Seems like Dad, when he got back home from his farm chores wanted to eat a watermelon with supper.  I could hear him holler from the garden “who ruined my watermelons”.  I pled innocent but did admit that I was a witness to the crime.  Bob proudly showed him the knife he had used to do this chore for Dad and he didn’t have to do it to the other ones since Bob saved him the trouble.  That razor strap that Dad used to sharpen his shaving instrument had other uses Bob and I discovered.