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GAG Newsletter


It was actually in the spring semester that I started back at WTState. It took a few days before I started getting my money from the government in the newly passed GI Bill for Korean Veterans. I was able to pay my room in the Connors Dorm but the food was a different item. Students bought meal tickets depending on how much they wanted to eat in the cafeteria. After I had been in school in January 1954 for a month, I started running low on cash to pay for my meals. I went on an unintentional fast for about 3 days until I was rescued by my dear mother. She came up to Canyon to visit my sister and her daughter Leola and family and she asked me if I needed anything. I did not want to sound desperate but I did say that $10.00 would go a long way in helping me out. She gave me the 10 spot and after she left to spend the night with Leola, I went to the local hamburger joint and ate the largest burger I have ever eaten. Mistake!! After fasting for three days you do not want to gorge yourself. It tastes a lot better going down than coming up.

The monthly stipend of $100.00 per month came in a day or two after this episode and I started buying some meal tickets at the cafeteria. Most of the books I needed were paid for by the Government. Dorm rent at that time was about $50.00 a month. I thought about getting a part time job to help out with the expenses but the case load was too much for me to do any work. I was really pleased with the fact that I was now back in the saddle for my pre-med education. I enrolled in some Bible Classes at the Bible Chair. Many of the students remembered me from the short time I was there earlier. Finding a lifetime mate was not a high priority because of all this study. The Bible Chair social functions turned out to be a fertile ground because the young ladies loved to attend these functions. They outnumbered the boys two to one.

I did a little bit of group dating on Sunday afternoons and this was usually a trip to Palo Duro Canyon. This was a lot of fun. A lot of climbing and throwing rocks.

Note the size of the people standing at the base of the Tower!!

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  1. Had the Palo Dura Theater opened by then?

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