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GAG Newsletter

The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 64

John and Johnette poising before the ride
John and Johnette posing in front of the Graham House in Ruidoso
Charles leaning on a pine tree in front of the Graham House in Ruidoso
Charles testing the water in the Rio Ruidoso
John standing in the Rio Ruidoso
Leonard Pack, the professor who influenced me to go to West Texas State to complete my BS degree
Jimmy Johnson who graduated with me at Odessa College
Charles gets his cap and gown from OC
Johnette and John

It seems to me that the last year of school at Odessa College whizzed by. Working the projectors at night gave me a lot of time on week-ends with friends. John and Johnette were especially good friends of mine. Jimmy Johnson was close behind because we had a lot of the same classes together.

As seen from one of the pictures, we witnesses a fire in Ruidoso. The barbeque got too hot I guess. My folks house was a neat place to stay with my friends. Mother and Dad were both in Lubbock running the Drug Store at the time and they let us have the run of the place. Johnette’s mother and her two young siblings came along for the excitement.

A lot of tears were shed as we left Ruidoso. I was going to Lubbock to visit with my folks and check out enrolling in West Texas State. John and the Fultons were going back to Odessa. Johnette was not sure where she was going to finish college. Some relatives lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and she was thinking about going there but had not made a decision.

I was also going to have to go to Canyon or Amarillo and find a job to help put me through the last two years of college since the U. S. elected representatives had not decided on a GI Bill for the Korean War Veterans in 1953. The War was still going on sporadically and not armistice had been signed. I did have pretty good transportation in that Ford Coup but it also had payments on it that had to be kept up.

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