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The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 63

I packed up my belongings and in early January 1952 left Cochran County for good except for reunions and short visits to family. This new chapter was taking me to an adventure that would determine my professional life. I moved in with George and Zylphia and their two boys Andy and Clifford Dale.

My new roommates for the next few months as I was getting established in Odessa, Texas.

I started working almost immediately at the Ector Theater. I soon enrolled for the spring semester at Odessa College. I was able to get my basics out by taking morning classes. The Ector Theater had matinees and I was required to run the projectors starting at about 12:30. My brother George, who got me the job was able to relieve me for about an hour in the evening. I depended on George to give me transportation until I acquired an automobile. I had no drivers license and he let me use his car to take my drivers test. Shortly after that I bought an old used Oldsmobile coup. It used more oil than gas but was good initial transportation.

One thing about being a projectionist, there was some lag time between changing machines. This gave time for me to do my class study and write papers. I started making a new group of friends. John Kaiser was an unlikely friend. He worked in the oil field and had a night job but was very persistent in his studies. Johnette Fulton was John’s girlfriend and we were buddies and had a lot of fun together. I was able to get a lot of classes done in summer school to catch up with the group so I could graduate in the summer of 1953. I also had to start taking lab courses in the afternoon so I had to find a new job. Fortunately for me there was company putting in a twin drive-in theater in Odessa about the time I needed to start my Sophomore year. A God thing?

There was some time for outside activity as shown in the pictures above. Me and John Kaisner trying to lift a boulder. John’s girlfriend, Johnette Fulton in her Sunday dress, me poising with Johnette, Johnette’s mother and siblings and me making a fool out of my self climbing a water tank. Other pictures which will be included in the next chapter show us visiting in Ruidoso at my parents house.

I was fairly active in church and the Bible Chair activities. In fact I was able to obtain about 6 credit hours in Bible. This was before all this PC stuff. Johnette is shown leaning on one of the speaker connections at the new drive-in theater.

John and Johnette

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