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Stalwart Mary

  1. Many of you reading this newsletter know Mary Graham well.  She is the middle sibling of the original Graham children produced by George Andrew Graham, Sr and Bessie Beatrice (Wood) Graham.  Me (Charles Graham) and Mary are the only ones left living out of the original 9 siblings.  Mary is 94 years young as of this writing.

Mary never married.  She lives in Lubbock and was relying heavily on help from our nephew Don Vanlandingham.  Also one of her former neighbors help Don watch after Mary and her needs especially since she developed macular degeneration and could not drive herself around Lubbock.  Because of obligation on the Farm near Southmayd, Texas I was not able to get to visit Mary as often as I would like.  I was finally able to go to Lubbock in April after tax season was not and issue and told Mary that I would come out and we could go visit around the Panhandle of Texas and visit old friends etc.

When I drove up into Mary’s driveway at Shadow Hills apartment complex I noticed her door was open but the screen door was locked.  I could hear noises in her apartment and thought that one of the home health people was visiting at the time.  This was about 1pm and I was hungry so I told Mary that I would go get us something to eat and be back in a few minutes.

Unbeknownst to me at the time Mary had fallen and broke her right wrist when she came to open the door for me.  When I did return with the Chick-file meal, the next door neighbor Sandra was frantically motioning to me to come quickly.  Shortly after I had departed for the food, Sandra had heard Mary hollering for help and at Mary’s direction she had pried the storm door open and found Mary lying on the floor moaning.  When I came in the door it was obvious to me that Mary had fallen and sustained a Colle’s fracture of her right wrist.

The ambulance was called and Mary was transported to ER at Covenant Hospital.  Doctor Patrick Molligan was called and came to the ER 2-3 hours later and admitted Mary to observation.  He scheduled her for ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation) the next day Saturday morning.   No beds were available in observation so Mary waited until 7:30 pm Friday to be taken to a room.

I went to Don’s house and spent a restless night worried about Mary and what I caused by visiting her.  As it turned out, Mary had been having issues with living alone and this may have been a blessing from the Lord who works in mysterious ways.  When I got to thinking that way the burden of guilt left my shoulders.  I spent three nights sleeping on that small bench like structure in the hospital room but went to Don’s house to shower and change clothes.

After a few days Mary was admitted to TrustPoint Rehab and I was able to return home.  She admitted that she was not able to return to living in the independent living situation and before I came home Nelda Gilbert, Don and I found a nice place called Raider Ranch and we were able to secure quarters for Mary in that facility.  This facility has independent living and also assisted living apartments.  I talked to Mary today and she seems very pleased with the arrangements.57783202109__EFB84FD3-7123-4AC1-830D-D5D280F648F6[6218]

So much for visiting the sites around Lubbock on this visit.  I finally got to eat my portion of the Chick-file meal about 7:30 pm in Mary’s new room.  Mary did not feel up to eating and then after midnight she was NPO for surgery the next day.

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  1. Mary’s living alone at age 94 sounds pretty amazing to me! It had to be the Lord’s will that you were there to help her when she needed you.

  2. Thank you for your kind comments Beth.

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