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Missing Johnnie


This is a picture taken at a “Tacky” party at Western Heights Church of Christ on 10/25/2007.  Virginia and Paul Carter, who have both passed away were real mainstays of the senior dinners about once a month.  This one was close to Halloween and that seemed to be the theme.  We were supposed to be scary.  Johnnie was really able to get into the events in a Christian way.

Such a fine lady.  Miss her daily.  She showed very little if any of the signs of Parkinson’s disease at that time.  I may have noticed some micrography which was very small handwriting.  It wasn’t until 2009 that she had to start taking medicine for Parkinson’s disease.  She was a trouper until the very end.  She now is no longer captured in that deteriorating body.  Praise God!!!

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