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The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 50

After several month serving in the cold of Hokkaido, the Seventh Infantry Division was getting orders to prepare to move to a more southern island of Honshu.
Honshu is the island that includes Tokyo and Yokohama as well as the city of Sendai.  We were being moved to Sendai.  The troops that were occupying Sendai were being sent back to the States.  This was in early 1950.

Exploring Honshu:

After the move to Honshu, I was able to visit Ibaracki Christian College and meet a nephew of my aunt Zelma’s.  Aunt Zelma and uncle Ray Lawyer had been missionaries to Africa in the 1920’s.  Ray was killed in a tragic accident after about 3 years in Northern Rhodesia.  Her nephew by marriage, Virgil Lawyer was an instructor at Ibaracki Christian College and my mother Bess told me that I should go visit them if I could.  I met a very nice and hospitable couple there and spent a few days visiting the area.

Virgil Lawyer and his wife posing for my camera when I visited them at the Ibaraki Christian College on Honshu.  This was near Sendai, Japan

My promotion to Staff Sergeant gave me a little more authority but I still had to report to Master Sergeant Wetzel.

After we moved to Sendai in early 1950 there seemed to be an uneasy feeling among our senior staff about the conditions in South Korea.  I was still privy of  most of the secret and top secret stuff since I did a lot of the typing from Col. Hampton.  I do not recall anything that was said or communicated between the officers in our G-3 section that would indicate the coming disaster in South Korea.

I was anticipating being sent home on rotation in the summer of 1950 since I had signed up for three year enlistment in 1947.  Usually the Army would send the soldier home about two months before the enlistment was up.  Mine was up on October 9, 1950.

I was accomplishing what I joined the Army for.  I wanted to save enough money to go to college.  I was sending about $100.00 a month to my parents and putting $50.00 a month in a Bank of American account since I did not spend a lot of money beyond necessities.

June 25, 1950 came around and all of my plans were suddenly disrupted.  The North Koreans invaded South Korea.  President Truman extended all enlistments for one year and re started the draft.  The United Nations was suddenly at war with the North Koreans. 

3 thoughts on “The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 50

  1. Thanks so much for these memories! Our Uncle Owen also served but I just know that he did go to Korea! Love You!!!

  2. Uncle Owen was diabetic and that may have kept him from doing much in the military service.

  3. Virgil and Lou Lawyer are my maternal grandparents. It was wonderful stumbling upon that photo of them that you took.

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