The Grahams’ of Cochran Count – Chapter 44

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The peace time in Korea was not all work.  I have put together some pictures of a typical weekend in 1948.  These pictures have captions underneath that tell the story.  Chapter 45 will deal with Sunday.

ADA96443-606A-43F2-A907-7FF8BA9E5131 A lumber cart

68C29581-70A2-4E33-937E-D3D2652DF050 Bicycle transporter

1DBE4C0A-CB6A-4E29-975C-F8DCA0BEDC20 Ambulance?

21D51601-C316-491E-88BC-2F4FFCC4F673 Feeding on the go

70154D64-628C-434B-944B-33F7B04F4E92 Helper following

FD7D9904-6A79-488C-BFF6-01AE70354524 Yoon, Sun Oh (friend)

5823B524-18CF-492F-84BF-0281E1C4DA6C Taxi

E7232721-0EBB-4790-9BA5-2D6555B84D98 Trolley – loaded

E2CFCAFC-A8F2-42EA-9516-EB4C747FD1A5 Off base on weekend pass

F3AE0C8D-9040-48C8-BD9E-5BA949BDB998 Come buy some goods

A5F4CD69-8013-45E4-B0DF-FEAC175A7EE8 Elegant hat

04772E74-8A87-4D63-940D-1FB6EEBD4E90 Don’t stumble

45CA73D1-21C0-4127-9A7C-359E1343EF10 Better stop

2E5655CD-992F-49AB-B196-D7A72E955628 Backache tonight

F63AE5A5-4078-4258-9278-AA467C4D47E8 Guess what is in that bag

F49617C6-6F18-458E-8D59-53CAC036402E I will fix your bicycle for you

C4AF8971-D588-4D57-83D6-A8B4EA8CBA9F Need a nail in that shoe?

07F84CD3-887E-464C-B01E-D56E1E3DAEA4 Where the east meets the west

2DF9B67F-33B5-4D57-A707-A40DA35B7169 Don’t mess with me, I have a gun

AEB7D103-4142-4F4F-BBE4-7192D30071EB Open air barbershop

DC5316EC-77FF-4F27-8E84-0712515DEDF1 Goods for sale

435745F5-8913-47EB-8CC0-D4D993D5CD92 Main living quarters

DB227846-B05A-48BE-99BC-60488617C6D8 Laundry day

A1FFF380-2B59-4152-A839-FD99A713612B Not much fish today

D02D579B-933B-4DEF-91EC-A544A5119063 Nice view of Seoul

DF5AD0F5-C200-454F-9833-434229889CA9 See you Sunday

As mentioned above, the next chapter will explore a typical Sunday in the Korean Occupation years before the Korean War broke out.

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