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The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 35

THE SENIOR YEAR!!!  The fall of 1946.  The summer had been great.  I had been in the mountains of New Mexico with my folks.  I was running a theatre projection machine after a hiatus of about 9 months.  My brother, Bob had stayed in Morton that summer working at the Morton Tribune setting type and that type thing.  He went out for football at Morton High and was a good half-back.  Very fast runner.  I had saved up some money so I did not have to return to work and was not looking for a job during the school year.

At my Dad’s insistence, I had stopped working at the Wallace Theatre around Christmas of 1945.  I was able to start back to church pretty regularly.  I even got involved in the Junior play that winter and spring semester.  The play was named “Lindy Lou”.  My part was a minor part of the play but it was good to start some extra curricular activity at school.   I had even got on the “B” squad in basket ball.

But now it was time to start my senior year in high school.  Things started happening with the family.  Mom and Dad were still in charge of the café to get the prospective owner in place.  They spent most of the time in Ruidoso however.  George decided to marry a young lady who was a student at Texas Tech.  Her name was Zylphia Neely.  This marriage took place on October 18, 1946.  They had to drop out of college because Zylphia’s mother did not approve of the marriage at all.  She took Zylphia’s money for college and diverted it to another daughter.  George and Zylphia moved to Morton and took over the running of the café.  I can remember an occasion when I went to the café to eat and Zylphia was pretty nauseated.  In fact I think she had to go outside and vomit.  One of my sisters took me aside and whispered that Zylphia was pregnant.  Their first son, Andy Graham (George Andrew Graham III) reads these blogs and may recognize that he was having an impact very early in his existence.

Bob was working hard on his football training for the fall start of the school year.  We were still living in Mary’s and George’s house.  George and Zylphia were kind enough for awhile to find a small place to live so we all (Mary, Katie, Bob and me and Janie) did not have to bail out and find separate quarters.

Mrs. Burns asked me to be the editor of the school annual.  This was called the “Lohah”.  It turned out to be a decent publication.  In the foreword I wrote: “Here is presented without apology to the students and faculty of the school at Morton, the article that has been welded from many raw products by the staff and a large and able group of assistants.  While publishing this annual we have held paramount the idea and duty of recording in permanent form a complete and interesting review of the school year, 1946-47.  We trust and hope that this book may live to serve that end toward which the staff has been working.  CHARLES GRAHAM, The Editor”.

One picture in this annual shows me as a Pep Squad Leader.  Bob is shown in his football uniform in addition to the regular picture in the annual.  Janie is freshman that year as shown in the annual.  I was surprised when Bob told me after that fall semester that he was not going to finish high school.  Instead he was going to join the Marines.  He and Bill Deaver joined the Marines but Bill was sent home because he lied about his age and his parents would not sign for him.  That left me with a room by myself at Mary’s and George’s house.

All year long I was wondering what was I going to do with my life.  Stay tuned.

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