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The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 29

In a recent blog, I talked about a scar on my right leg that formed after the healing of the wound received from picking up a roll of barbed wire.  I also mentioned another scar on my right leg just above my knee that I promised to tell about later.  I better not let this scar wait too long because later may become never.  You older people understand my dilemma.

We were in between moving from the White House into Morton proper when this accident occurred.  I had a friend who lived close to the White House and we visited a great deal during the summer months when school was out.  We decided that we needed a private place and as a result of our planning started digging a cave like structure.  We were going to cover the opening or roof with some timbers and plywood and other things so we to put dirt on top of this structure but leaving an opening so we could crawl in and out without much difficulty.  My part of the work on this structure ended abruptly one day when my friend had a grubbing hoe and was swinging this with the pick edge toward the stubborn dirt in the bottom of the cave.  It so happened that my knee was in the way and the force of this pick hit right above my knee cap and left a gash.

Since mother was at the café and feeding a bunch of people, she had little time for this son who went looking for trouble.  She delegated my sister Leola to clean and bandage the wound.  It finally healed and I was able to visit this finished cave a few weeks later.  I really enjoyed climbing down into this cave and even enjoy (?) a puff or two on some bark we rolled up in newspaper to simulate the smoking habit some of our adult friends had developed.  We also talked about this being a MAN cave and not ever letting a female be invited to this hideout.

One day we were planning to take some sandwiches and some of these new coke bottles down to our hideaway for lunch.  Unfortunately we were thwarted by an unusually large downpour of rain that completely wash away the dirt from the top of this cave and collapsed the timbers before we got there.  After the storm left we found us a tree and did have lunch but not exactly where we had planned.

Another day during that summer we also got into trouble with the law.  We had some firecrackers left over from the 4th of July celebration.  Found some metal pipe with an opening we could stick a firecracker in with the fuse outside of the pipe.  We also found some small rocks that we could put in the other end of this pipe.  We aimed this pipe at some bottles set up to see if we could hit them.  We got pretty good with the accuracy of this invention.  What got us in trouble with the law is that we decided to aim this contraption at a small house about 300 yards from where we were shooting at the bottles.

A few minutes later we saw a car driving up to where we had been doing our experiment with this apparatus.  This happened to be a fellow from the Sheriff’s department who asked who we were and why we were shooting at this widow’s house.  After he discovered that I was one of the County Judge’s children he decided that we would not be taken to jail but gave us a stern warning.  I guess I pulled some rank that day.  We also abandoned our invention and the target practice.





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