The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 22

I know that I got hit by that car while we were still living in the White House near Morton.  It was at the time that we were walking to school about a two mile distance.  Bob and I would usually walk to school starting out with Dad since he was going to the Cochran County Court House to do his duties as the County Judge.  This was about two-thirds of the trip.  Bob and I would walk the rest of the way to school by ourselves.

Minnie’s Dry Goods was on the southwest corner of the square.  We usually cut across yards and church parking lots to get to school the most direct route.  I must have been in the first or second grade.  Me and Bob were in the same grade although he was 15 months my senior.

As we were going home from school one day, we were probably playing tag and then running ahead of one another.  We generally had company going home for some distance because the school released us all at the same time.  This day I tagged Bobby and started running ahead just about the time I got to the street to cross by Minnie’s store.  As I ran out into the street I was looking back and failed to see the car that was coming west down the street.

I don’t remember what happened, but when I came to my senses my lunch pail was across the street, one shoe was in front of the car that had come to a screeching halt and other parts of my clothing were here and there.  There were several children and adults gathered around me, dusting me off and asking me if I was alright.  I told them that I guessed that I was ok and they did not need to take me home.  Bob assured them that he could get me home safely.

We never did stop by the Court House on the way home because we had been told by Dad that he would be too busy to visit.  We walked on home and I did not want to go into the house because my clothes were more dirty than usual.  As I recall, I went out to the cattle water trough and started washing off as best as I could.

Bob went into the house I think because Mother Bess came out of the house in a semi-running stance and asked if I was alright.  A lady had driven up to the house shortly after we got home and it turned out to be the lady who was driving the car that hit me or that I ran into.  She gave her version of the events and told mother that I had refused to accept a ride home from her and she was apologizing profusely.

During all this confusion, I decided I had had enough and burst into sobbing like I had never done before.

I think my pride was hurt more than anything else but I do have a good excuse due to this concussion to be a little addled at time.

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