The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 19

CLEANING UP SOME STUFF.  I may be confusing some people when I talk about places that the Graham Family has lived.  As the title of this article indicates, most of the things I talk about happened in Cochran County unless otherwise noted.  I entered life on earth in this county.IMG_0851 (Edited)

To get a little more specific, I will talk about the Sessions Place or the Kennebrew Place or perhaps the Morton Farm.  Also you may be hearing statements such as the White House and House Behind the Café.  Then there will be George and Mary’s House.  These are all places I lived in Cochran County with the exception of the Sessions Place.  Bob was born there and then we moved to a farm close by that was the Kennebrew Place.  That is where I was born.

The picture you see above is one that shows the Graham siblings on the Sessions Place.  From your left to your right we see George; Bob being held by Marguerite; Beatrice and Leola.  In the front row from your left to your right is Katie and Mary.  You will notice that me and Janie were not born yet.IMG_0854

This next picture shows me present and accounted for.  I am the little tike in the front being held up.  The others in the picture are starting on your left: Belle Graham and dog; four of uncle Norman’s children; then starting in the back row: Marguerite (the tallest); Beatrice; George.  Leola is sort of in the middle with her hand on Bob’s head.  Charles (me) is next; Katie and the Mary.  This picture was taken at our grandparents house in Leveland.  Uncle Norman had died and we were probably there for his funeral.  We were living on the Kennebrew place at that time.

A short time later we move to the Morton Farm.  This place was about 5 miles out of town.  The next picture you see is of me and Bob in the little red wagon.  Janie was born on the Morton Farm.  That completes our family but not our adventures and growing up in Cochran County.01f5a4ebee072a4f43a76b75c741704be5e056390a_00001


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  1. I believe the little boy in the front to the right of Belle and the dog is my dad Lambert. Norman was his dad.

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