I did not know Johnnie when she went to Harding. She had graduated Shamrock High school in 1951. She decided on West Texas State College in Canyon, Texas. That was close and affordable. She had to work in the cafeteria to help pay her way.

There was a Church of Christ Bible Chair just off campus at WT. Students could study the Bible and get College credit. Johnnie had not attended church much while growing up because her dad’s family were Catholic and discouraged attendance at any other religious church. Her mother belonged to the Church of Christ and went there infrequently because of her husband and sister-in-laws resistance. Johnnie’s aunts snuck her into the Catholic Church and had her sprinkled as an infant. Johnnie was finding some newfound freedom at WT.

At the Bible Chair they would invite speakers from other churches and Christian Colleges. A speaker from Harding got a little aggressive in inviting the students to come to Harding. In addition one of the male students started courting Johnnie and she accepted baptism.

About 7 or 8 of the students decided to apply at Harding for the Spring Semester 1952. Johnnie was one of these students. Johnnie borrowed $250.00 from two aunts in Chicago. When the semester was over off she went to Harding. To help pay the tuition she got a job on Cathcart Cafeteria on campus. She had a blast. Her grade average plummeted.

Alas the money tree vanished when her Chicago aunts considered further investment unwise. Back to WT. Some of the students remained at Harding but about half returned to WT.

That is enough for today. Stay tuned.

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