The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 13

Mother Bess was missing!

I heard this comment about and hour after the family had finished eating supper. We were eating better now that Andrew was County Judge. Mother had finished cooking the meal and the rattling of the dishes had just about stopped. Washing dishes was relegated to my older sisters. Dad was listening to the radio for news about FDR and what he was doing to get us out of the depression. He ask the girls to go check the outhouse and she if she needed help. Leola came back in the house and said she couldn’t find her.

Andrew ask them to check out front. He lit a lamp for Leola and Mary to take with them. They returned with the same answer. No Mother. Dad started getting worried. He had disappointed Mother because he was supposed to go by Minnie’s Dry goods and pick up some material for her to start sewing dresses for start of school.

He got up from his perch by the radio and started checking the other 2 rooms and the add-on shed that me, Bob and George slept in. I got worried because she usually tucked me in every night. Where was she I wondered. Dad went outside and started calling her. Bess! Bess! Bess! The girls and George went looking as well.

Things started getting frantic around the place. Dad was wondering if he should go get the Sheriff. Leola was encouraging him to do just that. Where else to look? Who saw her last? She had left the dinner table before anyone else. That was not unusual. Had anyone heard the door slam? Why wasn’t she answering her name?

It was getting a little chilly out side so Marguerite went back in to get a sweater. She opened the closet door and there Mother Bess was sitting on top of the dirty clothes box sound asleep. I am not sure if she was asleep or not. Exhausted yes. Upset yes. It had been a year and a half since Beatrice had died. I saw a wet face and knew what really troubled her. Well, not everything that troubled her.

Dad was less than amused. I hugged my Mother Bess and told her how much I loved her. She managed a smile.

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