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The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 11

Andrew was quiet the disciplinarian. In fact if he was living in this century he would be in jail. Leola became the object of most of the punishment. She was stubborn.

We had this rain barrel sitting at the edge of the roof to catch the rain water. Bess used this rain water to wash clothes and cook with. Andrew used it to dunk heads in. Once was enough for me.

Leola was opinionated and she and Andrew would get in an argument. Leola did not know when to quit. Several times these heated conversations would lead to a head dunking. This was not just an in and out dunking but some bubbles coming up dunking. I feared on occasion for Leola’s life.

We kids got to practicing dunking in a water tank at the little white house near Morton. This water tank was the large oval metal type 12 feet in diameter and about three feet deep. All of us could keep our head above water except Janie. Mother Bess would not let Janie go near that tank.

Bob and I teamed up against Katie one hot summer day. We were in this tank cooling off and horsing around. We decided to see if we could hold Katie under until she bubbled like Leola did when Dad punished her. We pushed her under but she came up pretty mad. Bob got his first and he bubbled and bubbled. I was halfway to the house by then. Some of the older siblings pulled Katie off of Bob and patted him on the back until he got a good portion of the tank water out of his lungs. I don’t remember swimming in that tank after that.

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