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The Grahams’ of Cochran County – Chapter 8


This past week I have had on two occasions seen a freshly shed snake skin. The first occasion was at our front gate. The mums in our planter, needed water. In the process of completing this chore, I noticed this skin floating to the surface. I took a stick to pull it out of the water and broke a little of it off. More cautious now I separated this milk weed better and preserved the rest. Just about that time, the rural route mail lady came by. I was blocking our box with my pickup and she handed me the mail. She was curious. I told her about the snake skin and she ask if she could take it to her Girl Scout meeting. I gave it to her, not knowing what to do with it in any case.

The next morning when letting our dogs out to roam the place, I spotted this recently abandoned snake skin just south of the garage. I took a picture of that one.

This got me to thinking about a multiple choice quiz I took in grade school. “Which of the following creatures sheds it’s skin once a year?”. The choices included humans and snakes among three other usual choices. I chose humans! WRONG!!

The snake eggs enter the picture when I was four and my brother Bob was five. Our brother George, who was born nine years before me took us down in the pasture where something laid some eggs in a nest on the ground. They were four speckled eggs and two of more colorful nature. George told us they were snake eggs. Leola was along on the trip and she cautioned us against disturbing them or suffer the consequences from the mother snake.

As I have aged, it has become apparent to me that these were bird eggs. The more colorful eggs were laid there by a lazy bird that didn’t want to do the nesting. Humans can show those lazy characteristics at times!

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