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The Grahams’ of Cochran County- Chapter 4

It was after Katie’s birth that the family moved to Cochran County. They were fairly near Bledsoe but actually lived in Precient 4. Andrew had leased the Session’s Place. Bob Graham was born on that place. The date of his birth was December 20, 1928.

About 18 months after Bob was born a census was taken. This 1930 census showed that another son had arrived. His name was Charles and his age was listed as 1/12 th of a year. Charles recalls that he was born on the Kennebrew Place. I will note here that Marguerite, in her book spelled the name as “Kennebrough”. Years later when I requested my birth certificate in order to get a passport, the only thing the State of Texas had for that date was one that said “no name” Graham. Fortunately Andrew was still alive in 1974 and certified my name as Charles Eugene Graham.

We kept moving closer to Morton. In 1931 Andrew found a farm about 5 miles southeast of Morton. The older children were enrolled in the Morton Schools. Marguerite was in the fifth grade, Beatrice in the fourth, George in the third, Leola in the second and Mary in the first.

Elsie Jane rounded out the family. She was born on the Morton Farm on May 10, 1932. We. called her Janie. With this full complement of children we could officially become “The Grahams’ of Cochran County”!

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