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The Grahams of Cochran County – Chapter 2

This chapter will introduce to the Graham family members who arrived in Cochran County.  Bob was mentioned as the first one of the family to be born there.  This was on the Sessions Place.  The following things took place before Bob was born.

Andrew left for Cordell, Oklahoma as fast as he could after his discharge from the Army.  His wife, Bessie and first child, Marguerite Wood were there living with Bessie’s mother, Vernettie Wood.  Vernettie had been widowed in 1904 when her husband James Samuel Wood had died suddenly of the bloody flux.  She was left with several kids to raise and had done a reasonably good job.  She managed boarding houses close to the campus of Christian colleges.  The first one was Thorp Spring Christian College.  Bessie had gone to Cordell to live with her mother during the later stages of her pregnancy.  Marguerite Wood was the first and only child born in Oklahoma to this union.

Andrew packed up the family as fast as he could and took them to Monroe, Texas where his parents where farming.  The reader of this narrative can refer to a booklet that Marguerite wrote many years later about the move to Texas.  This book is titled “Growing Up with Eight Siblings during the Depression.”  When we quote her book we will try to put her words in italics.

According to Marguerite’s book, there was a vicious snow storm in the Lubbock area on their arrival at the train station.  Samuel Graham, Andrew’s dad had a terrible time getting his team to the train station and back.  “Grandpa said it took him one hour to get the horses to pull the buggy five miles with snow up to their thighs”.  Marguerite was only three months at the time and these facts were told to her later by her grandfather Graham.

Marguerite had been born in Cordell on August 14, 1918.  In the winter of 1918-1919 she had to adapt to being a Texan.  Samuel Graham had a migrant workers’ shack on his property that became the abode of this new family.  Andrew was basically a hired hand to begin with but later became more involved in the farming.  This house was called the “Little Red House” because of the new paint job.

While on this farm in Monroe, Texas there appeared on the scene three more children in fairly fast succession.  Beatrice was born March 20, 1920; George Andrew Jr. June 10, 1921 and Leola November 19, 1923.  Mary was the next in line but technically she was not born on the farm.  Andrew had become excited about a land offer from New Mexico to homestead some land just west of Bledsoe, Texas.  The farm that Samuel was taking care of became to small for the growing family.  Andrew filed on the claim and proceeded to build a small house on the property getting ready to move his family.

The family moved out of the little red house and on to an apartment in Lubbock awaiting the birth of another child.  This child turned out to be Mary Aline Graham, born January 30, 1925.  About 8 weeks after Mary’s birth, the family moved to New Mexico.


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  1. Miranda notified that Marguerite’s birthday was actually August 15, 1918 and indeed that is what all of the calendars that I usually put the birthday reminders on tell me. My mistake and thank you Miranda.

  2. I would also note that Leola was born in 1922 and not in 1923. Please correct that in your copy. Thanks much, Charlesgraham1930

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