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James Samuel Wood

James Samuel Wood was born on January 8, 1863.  His parents were Edna Jane (Payne) Wood and James Henry Wood.  His father was in the Confederate Army at the time and away fighting in Tennessee.  James (Sammie) Wood and his mother and older brother Henry Wood were living in Fayette, Fayette County, Alabama at the time of his birth.

Sammie’s father died of wounds received in the battle at Tullahoma, Tennessee.  The date of his death is February 7, 1863.  Sammie was less than a month old.  More to say about his father James Henry Wood in a future blog.

Sammie’s mother, who was a confederate widow, married another confederate veteran in 1865.  His name was Joseph Pinkney Whitehead.  Sammie would have been about two years of age when his step-father came on the scene.  Edna Jane and Joseph Whitehead then had two daughters together.  The first daughter Martha Whitehead was born in 1866 and the second daughter, Flora Whitehead was born in 1869.

Sammie stayed with this family unit until he married Vernettie Jane (Anthony) Wood on July 8, 1883.  Sammie was a farmer and itinerant preacher for the Church of Christ.  He was not in good health.  He and his wife and family decided to move to a better climate because of his ill health.  They had several children before moving to Texas.

The names and years of birth of their children are as follows:

Flora Belle Wood – August 3, 1884

Olen Payne Wood – October 22, 1886

Fletcher Pinkney Wood – August 1889

Bessie Beatrice Wood – December 28, 1891

Zelma Ozema Wood – August 1894

William Henry Wood – January 1897

James Oscar Wood – August 1899

Mayma Vernette and Mary Wood – March 6, 1902

Unfortunately the move to Texas did not help Jimmie in the health issue.  He died of the bloody flux after working the the field all day.  He died on November 11, 1904 at Golden, Texas and was buried at the Sand Springs Cemetery which is a few miles north of Mineola, Texas.

My suspicion is that Jimmie died of the complications of diabetes.  I say this because several of his siblings and grandchildren have developed adult onset diabetes.  There was very little ways to check for diabetes during his lifetime.  The physicians would sometimes drink a little of the patients urine to do a taste test for sugar.  How gross is that!!!





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