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Working on Ancestry Issues

In this blog we have a picture of my mother, Bessie Beatrice (Wood) Graham and her family.  Her sister Flora and her brothers Olen Payne and Fletcher Pinckney were not in the picture for reasons unknown to me.  Standing in the back is my mother, Bessie.  Her father James Samuel Wood died about a year (1904) after this picture was taken.  Her mother, Vernettie Jane (Anthony) Wood raised the family after his death with the bloody flux (whatever that was).  She is holding Mayma Wood (in the white dress)  Mayma had a twin Mary who died shortly after birth.  James Oscar Wood is on your left and he received his PhD and taught for years at San Jose University in the Shakespeare Department.  William Henry Wood is sitting in the front row.

James Samuel Wood was an itinerant preacher and they moved to Texas from Alabama because his health was not very good.  His death came about after he was out in the pasture grubbing stumps out of the pasture.  He is buried at Sand Springs Cemetery in Wood Count north of Mineola, Texas.  


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  1. What people in those days called “bloody flux” is known medically as Bacillary Dystentary. Because of a severe flood, our two younger children (ages 20 months and 9 months) both had it when we lived in Tiruchy, South India. During the day, I prayed for night to come so I might get some rest and at night I prayed for daylight so I could know my children had lived one more day.

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