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The Family Bible and Ancestry

001There are many sources of information about families.  An old family bible is one of the most valuable items that can set a person to tracing a significant link in ancestors.  Older family bibles allowed the owner to add the name of a mate, children and grandchildren to the second (or third) page of this possession.  My grandfather Samuel Armstead Graham and his wife Belle (Arabella) (Bradshaw) Graham had such a bible.

In in headline of this page we have the statement “Family Record of” with names added below in the handwriting of the owner of this bible.  The handwriting states S. A. and Belle Graham Married Nov 18, 1880.  This seems to be written after the fact just above the names:  S. A. Graham & Belle Graham.  Names and Births came next.  S. A. Graham – Feb 19, 1859; Belle Graham – Aug 1, 1859; with the children listed next.  Stella Graham – Jan 16, 1882; Norman Graham – Dec 28, 1883; Olin Graham – May 11, 1886; Mattie Graham – June 8, 1888; George Graham – Feb 16, 1891; Margaret Graham – Feb 14, 1893; Ophelia Graham – May 16, 1894; Paul Graham – April 25, 1896.

Don’t throw those old bibles away.  They have valuable information that someday would pay dearly to receive.


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